5 Best Tours in Penang, Malaysia

Penang holidays exude a historic charm that is distinguishable from other Malaysian islands. Listed below are five best tours for travellers searching for the most interesting ways to experience the island.

Penang Culinary Tour

Sample a taste of Penang by joining a local culinary tour. Penang culinary tours show where gastronomy enthusiasts can have the best Nyonya, Penarakan, and other local cuisine. The tours may include a sampling of the best street hawker foods, a visit to a belacan or shrimp paste factory, and an excursion to the wet market for fresh local produce.

Penang Temple Tour

The Penang Temple Tour covers some of the most interesting temples in the island. Penang is known for several famous structures and complexes, such as the Kek Lok Si. This sprawling temple complex houses the tower of the Ten Thousand Buddhas and a gigantic statue of Kuan Yin.

Georgetown City Tour

A walking tour of Georgetown includes places of historical interest that makes Penang a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Refurbished shophouses, Fort Conrwallis, the Municipal Hall are just some of the structures built in the 19th century that are part of the city tour.

Penang Nature and Wildlife Tour

Participate in a canopy walk of the Penang National Park. The canopy walkway is a 250 metre long platform suspended above ground and extends to forests and coastal areas within the vicinity of the park.

Penang Night Tour

After sunset, Penang transforms into a vibrant hub for dining and entertainment. The Penang Night Tour includes a walk down Gurney Street for the most authentic local dining experience and a visit to the night markets for some quick shopping to finish of your Malaysia holidays.

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