Malaysia Tours

Malaysia Tours

Malaysia Tours (Photo by WohinAuswandern)

This country in South-East Asia is located in two areas, part is north of Borneo and the other part is on an Asian peninsula. With its modern cities and use of technology, the country is also proud of its traditional roots. Many smaller towns continue in traditional ways, with the cultural traditions becoming some of the most popular attractions for visitors. Malaysia tours of its sites and wonders help visitors experience an authentic Malaysian paradise holiday.

Gaya Island Kayak Tours

Kayaking around amazing Tunku Abdul Rahman is a true, wild adventure. This fabulous park is located on Gaya Island. Colourful animals and birds are found in the park and around its shores.

Kuala Lumpur Food Tour

Local food experts take guests on a guided tour of Malaysian cuisine in the nation’s capital. Some dishes are unique to Kuala Lumpur, and the flavours and choices are incredible.

Langkawi Sailing Cruise

Catamaran sailing cruises off the coast of Langkawi are the perfect way to spend a holiday. Small groups can land on secluded islands, visit scenic areas along the seashores and enjoy the birds and other marine life.

Melaka Walking Tour

Busy and exciting Jonker Street is the place to purchase food, gifts and souvenirs. Especially in the evening after dinner, the street comes alive with many interesting things to see including live performances such as Kung Fu demonstrations.

Mountain Treks

In the mountains less than a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, people can choose two to eight hours of tropical forest trekking. This mountainous region has rivers, waterfalls and large rocks and cliffs for climbing.

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